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Thread: Another look at the starting point guard controversy.

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    Default Another look at the starting point guard controversy.

    I was perusing 8points9seconds today and came across an interesting tidbit I thought I would share. Part of Tim Donahue's "By the Numbers" segment.

    -30.7 per 100

    From a Net +/- perspective, the George Hill/Paul George combination has been the worst backcourt the Pacers have put on the floor this season. They’ve played 97 minutes, and while that’s not enough to draw final conclusions, it is enough to be at least mildly concerned.

    And while it would be convenient to move further up the lineup, and blame this on the 61 minutes played with Dahntay Jones, that doesn’t clear things up. It’s true that they’ve been worse with Dahntay (-32.2/100), but they’ve been pretty terrible with Danny, too…posting a -27.8/100 in that 36 minutes, scoring only 69 points per 100.
    Just thought I'd put this out there, given some of Well's recent assertions that Vogel may be preparing to move George Hill into the starting lineup at the Point Guard spot. Sample size isn't great, but I think the idea that "Hill can't possibly be any worse than Collison at running the offense" may be more inaccurate than some realize.
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