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Thread: Chad Ford Chat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthem View Post
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    Sure, Rondo's not a salary dump type player. But Jermaine is. They'll have to pay somebody to take him... say a poor first-round pick. But bundling him with Rondo, they're getting back a pick. It's a two-pick swing.

    Think of it as two separate trades: Jermaine and a lotto-protected future first for cap space as a salary dump. Then Collison, Hans, and two first-rounders (theirs back, plus ours).

    As for the trades, we'll see. If you're getting ready for a rebuild, getting a starting PG and a talented and popular PF isn't exactly "spare parts."

    It's very difficult to imagine them getting equal value for Rondo, that's for sure.
    The Celtics would never give away JO for free to a possible playoffs rival and they would never send his expiring contract with a 1st round pick just for someone to take him. It doesn't make sense at all. For this trade to work we need to take on a bad contract, not an expiring.

    Hansbrough is not a rebuilding piece. He's a 26 years old PF that shoots 39% from the field. What's so attractive about it?
    Collison has some trade value, but it's just not enough value to get Rondo

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    No basis in reality but I love this three team trade between Boston, Memphis and Indy:

    Pacers get Rondo

    Memphis gets Hansbrough

    Boston gets OJ Mayo, Collison and Pacers first

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    Quote Originally Posted by PR07 View Post
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    We aren't getting Rondo for Collison and fodder. This guy was discussed for Chris Paul and now Steph Curry, and now he's suddenly going for a guy that was traded for Troy Murphy not too long ago? Puh-lease, let's take the blue and gold colored glasses off.
    the difference - the BIG difference - is at the beginning of the season BOS thought they were a top 3 seed & a real contender, now they obviously don't. At the beginning of the season the Rondo attitude issues were out there, but not as much, thus affecting his value. Things have actually gotten worse (or maybe just more public), and that comes from straight out of BOS/BOS press. Add in concerns of what he can do w/o a "big 3" around him, his limited offensive game (esp. his outside shot), & his 3/36 mil contract when the new lux tax are about to kick in, & his value is not as high as fans think it should be. If BOS really wants out of the Rajon Rondo business, and they are sellers in a buyers market, they will have to settle for less. How much less is YTBD, but that is what LB & KP are there for.

    PS. unless I am mistaken, Rondo did not get traded for CP3, he was OFFERED. NOH obviously did not take that deal, and there is no indication that there was any intrest in him. I do not see it as relevient to the conversation, nor discounts the Pacers offer of significant cap/tax savings, pick,s & youth (DC=?) for what BOS obviously no longer wants.
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