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    My 2nd grade daughter has 'em.

    Oh my gosh, I am sure this thread will get deleted, but I am just too proud to contain myself right now.

    Walk the ball up I tell her all season, but its hard to get them to do that. Tonight she finally took it to heart, looked to pass first once she got to half court and took it to the rack if she had no one open.

    A crossover from a 7 yr old girl! Oh, it was sick.

    And on defense, an absolute unrepentant menace. Suffocating.

    Dancing bananas!!

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    Thats epic
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    video or it didn't happen.

    My offseason FA wishlist:
    Sergio Rodriguez (backup pg)
    Thomas Robinson (backup pf)
    Andray Blatche (starting pf - replacing West)
    Corey Brewer (starting sg/sf - interchangeable w/ PG)

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    Quote Originally Posted by naptownmenace View Post
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    Plumlee reminds me of a young Dale Davis. Good rebounding and he contests shots well on defense and his offensive game is very raw just like DD's was coming out of college.
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    Thought this was a belated Baron Davis during the lockout thread.

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    I've checked YouTube but can't find any mix videos. She can't be that good.

    That's cool man. I was practicing dribbling with my 5-year-old tonight. She's a long way away from a crossover, though.
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