Pacers give up:
George Hill (GS)
Tyler Hansbrough (GS)
Darren Collison (NJ)

Pacers get:
Deron Williams (NJ)

Nets give up:
Brook Lopez (GS)
Deron Williams (IND)

Nets get:
Monta Ellis (GS)
Darren Collison (IND)

Warriors give up:
Monta Ellis (NJ)

Warriors get:
Brook Lopez (NJ)
Tyler Hansbrough (IND)
George Hill (IND)

Pacers are a (+2), Nets are a (+1), and Warriors are a no change. Pacers get a legit PG, Nets get value for a Deron Williams who is leaving if they don't land Howard, Warriors get size and a replacement 1/2 guard for Curry/Ellis.