I've been kicking this one around in my head for a little bit and still not sure I like, but I think it's interesting. I think it improves are offensive by leaps and bounds, but does it make the team better.

Indy gets:
J. Johnson
OJ Mayo

Toronto gets
and a conditional 1st somewhere down the line

Memphis gets:
Dahntay Jones
Tyler Hansbrough

Our new Roster:

I think we'd have a great rotation of big men with Bargnani playing 10-15 at the 5 and West still getting 25-30 minutes a game dropping Foster into a very bad back friendly 5 minute a game range. PG can play either wing just fine, but Mayo can create his own shot something PG and Danny struggle a bit with and overall his defense is above average. Calderon has good court vison and can stop our offense from looking so constipated. His Defense is horibble along with Bargnani. I think the minutes round out nicely and our 2nd unit improves greatly. Overall Trade Machine gives us 3 more wins. I typically don't agree with it's estimates, but I could see it.

Memphis gets a back up for Allen and a some what hometown kid in Tyler for a injury riddle PF slot for their playoff push.

Toronto gets Equal value for Bargnani and a PG in return for Calderon and a future pick. They have depth a PF, There future center is coming over from Europe next year. Derozen is good. A top 5 pick of there own next year. While I'm not a DC fan as a PG. This summer will be a great Free Agent Class for Point Guards. They'd be taking a step back but setting themselves up for the future nicely.