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Thread: A change in the lineup once Hill returns?

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    Default Re: A change in the lineup once Hill returns?

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    That joke of a roster could play with the fire of 1000 suns up their collective ***, and it shouldn't make one bit of a difference. They are seriously awful. I really feel for DJ Augustin.

    I'd let Hill sit another one out. I'd only even consider suiting him up if he was absolutely, positively 100%, and even then I'd probably rather err on the side of caution.
    I'd sit him out too, on the condition that..if it's a blow out, give him a few minutes of playing time to shake some rust.

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    Default Re: A change in the lineup once Hill returns?

    I would rather not put Hill in as starting pg.. he's a combo guard, best suited to play mostly at the 2, with some spot mins at the 1. His talent level is good enough to start, but you aren't going to sit PG, and you really shouldn't start Hill at pg, because he isn't one. I defend DC a ton, because people are too critical of him. But I will say I do wish we had a better pg for our system, to run our offense. Hill is not that guy. He's just a skilled player used as a filler for the position. Quite frankly trading for Rondo may be our best bet. Its a moderate risk, high reward for our system to trade for him.

    Price is a better fit for our offense than DC, but DC's talent level is higher, so unfortunetly you can't bench DC to move Price up.

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