New Orleans gets:

Darren Collison

Golden State gets:

Chris Kaman
Tyler Hansborough
IND 2012 First
IND 2014 First

Indiana gets:

Monta Ellis
Epke Udoh

I know Monta has been discussed ad naseum, but I think this would be a terrific deal for all parties. I would probably be hard pressed to give up two firsts and Collison for Monta, but a bit of an upgrade from Tyler to Epke would make giving up two firsts worth it. Epke would give us much more flexibility with our front court rotation. Ellis would be a great fit for our offense, IMO.

PG - Ellis/Hill/Price
SG - George/Stephenson
SF - Granger/Jones
PF - West/Udoh/Pendergraph
C - Hibbert/Foster/Amundson