Given all of the praise he gets, it seems from a distance like it might be interesting for us/them.

Granger for James Harden and Kendrick Perkins.

I've heard talk recently that they really seem to do better when only one of Perkins or Ibaka is on the floor and instead of both going with more of a Westbrook-3 wings-Ibaka or Perkins lineup, and clearly Ibaka has more years left in him.

So why not get an interesting and talented young SG that many praise big time, while giving them a PUNISHING lineup where Danny freakin' Granger is the guy you have to leave open in the corner while you worry about what Westbrook and Durant are going to do? I think Danny would be a tremendous 3rd guy for OKC.

Not perfect, but on the surface I kind of dig it for both teams.

Plus the part where we add Kendrick Perkins as the best backup center in the entire league, and more importantly I think he would be another HUGE addition to your young core to go along with the HUGE additions Hill and West have been for us: A been-there-done-that vet with poise and talent who can show the rest of the team how it's done.


Really, really like it for us, and frankly I think it could work out really well for OKC, too.

Or not? *shrug*