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Thread: Indiana/Utah... Granger

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    Default Indiana/Utah... Granger

    Indiana Receives:
    Al Jefferson
    Gordon Hayward

    Utah Receives:
    Danny Granger
    2012 1st Round Pick
    2013 2nd Round Pick

    Pacers might need to add more (George Hill maybe and take out a pick) but I'm not certain. Hayward may not provide the points Granger does, but he's more efficient and is a great team player who can do a bit of everything. Definitely needs to become more aggressive and consistent. Jefferson is kind of the opposite of Hayward in that he can hurt ball movement/team play, and he has a fairly big contract. But he would provide us with the best pf/c rotation in the league with Hibbert/West, Jefferson/Hans and then you can mix and match your lineup from there.

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    Default Re: Indiana/Utah... Granger

    This creates a log jam for us, we don't get any better defensively and we still lack a Danny/Al Jefferson level point guard. Sadly I'd pass.

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    Default Re: Indiana/Utah... Granger

    I HATE AL Jefferson. Talk about a SLOW front line, with Hibbert, West, Hans and AL.
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    Default Re: Indiana/Utah... Granger

    Since when did you need a fast frontline to succeed? And imo, our need for a point guard is being drastically overhyped. In any given year there are probably 20-25 quality point guards in the league you can win with as it's by far the easiest position on a team to fill. And then when you talk about the elite of the elite point guards, you realize they aren't exactly racking up titles either.

    What the Pacers need most right now, other than an elite player, is depth and players who understand the concept of team basketball. While Hayward is not a "point guard", he is most definitely a facilitator as well as a solid defender. We are in dire need of ball movement around the perimeter and of players who understand how to move without the basketball. Two traits Granger and George currently lack. And while Jefferson (I'm not the biggest fan of his game) may give us a log jam at the 4/5, he undoubtedly improves our depth and helps us inch closer to a competitive advantage over other teams in the league.

    Ultimately, while I agree with the notion that we need better ball movement, in no way does that responsibility lie solely on the point guard. Nobody on our team understands what this implies and Vogel needs to do a much better job preaching it. But unless we can get Rondo somehow, I see no reason to waste an asset on again, the easiest position to fill on an NBA roster. Anyone who disagrees with that statement, go ahead and make a list of the top 20 NBA point guards and you'll see how deep the position is and always has been.

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    Default Re: Indiana/Utah... Granger

    A rotation of Hibbert, West and Big Al is a little TOO deep. They'll all want to start. If you're going to trade for Big Al you should consider moving David West.

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