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    Default Orlando

    Dwight Howard
    Jason Richardson

    Danny Granger
    Roy Hibbert
    Tyler Hansbrough
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    Dwight signs extension, of course.

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    Default Re: Orlando

    I wish.

    For Bird to trade for any start, they would have to sign an extension immediately. That's giving up too much talent for a rental.
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    I think there are probably at least 10 teams Dwight would rather play for before he would even consider Indiana. Not because we're not a team on the rise or a solid franchise. Indy just isn't sexy enough.

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    Default Re: Orlando

    It's not a bad deal, but we would gut the roster with Hibbert and Granger gone, plus Hansbrough and picks. Howard would be unlikely to resign with Indy and even if he did, he would own about a third of our cap space and we'd be in a similar position to where we were with JO.

    Not saying it's out of the realm of possibility, I would just say it's slim to none.

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    Default Re: Orlando

    A couple of things.

    First, I think this is exactly the kind of deal that Orlando is looking for from a potential trade partner. They get solid talent in return, and don't have the same hard knocks of a complete rebuild.

    Second, the Magic are intent on sending Turkoglu's deal wherever they trade Dwight, which is a much bigger contract that we can still absorb. Also, if we make a deal along these lines, we would want to consider the new time lines for their deals. Turkoglu has three years left including this year. Although, the final year is only guaranteed at $6M. If we traded for Dwight, I think the intentions would be to go after Deron and we would want to facilitate that move with expiring contracts. Hedo would prevent us from obtaining Deron. We would need to get back Redick, Von Wafer, and Daniel Orton instead of Hedo, which would cost us a hell of a lot more value. It would almost certainly include Collison, and a couple more firsts, which really guts the team.

    Call it a deal with where we get Howard, Redick, Wafer, and Orton and send them Granger, Hibbert, Hansborough, and Collison with three firsts. This would be our squad.

    PG - Hill, Price
    SG - Redick, Stephenson, DJones
    SF - George, Wafer
    PF - West, Humphries, Amundson
    C - Howard, Foster, Orton

    I like it but I'm not sure it is worth it. I can see why Bird wouldn't jump at this immediately.
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