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Thread: Pacers/NO/DEN

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    Default Pacers/NO/DEN
    Pacers get: Gordon, Ariza, and Miller

    NO gets: Mozgov, Granger, Collison and Denver's 2012 1st rd pick.

    Denver gets: Kaman and Price

    If Gordon could ever stay heathy I'd do it in a heart beat. I think this address a lot of needs for all three teams. but most Importantly gives our Pacers a real shot at having an offense that's not offensive to my eyes. I think our denfense would be just as good if not better. Depth at Center is still an issue for us but our overall team I think improves signifacantly assuming Gordon can Stay Healthy.


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    Default Re: Pacers/NO/DEN

    So, Denver gives up Mozgov, A. Miller, and their #1 in a great draft for Kaman and AJ?

    That seems wildly, wildly slanted toward NO/IND. Maybe if Denver received Collison, but even then...Kaman is ridiculously expensive, AJ is probably not worth anything to them...seems like a tough deal for Denver.

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    Default Re: Pacers/NO/DEN

    Agreed, denver gives up a lot but, their renting a quality Center which could agruebly give them the most well rounded starting 5 in the NBA and a strong bench.


    This allows Nene to start at PF full time. This team has scary depth and would challenge any team in the West. Also when putting it together I was assuming Stern would require a fairly weighted win for the Hornets in a trade involving Gordon.

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    Default Re: Pacers/NO/DEN

    I'd rather do a Danny for Gordon and do a trade for Chandler. Get a PG somewhere else.

    Scratch the EG deal for now....Knee surgery!
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    I'd rather get Nash or D.Williams and keep Granger,but I just don't see that happening. I think Miller has the perfect skill set to run Vogel's offense. He'd be another strong veteran to help lead the team and would't take away minutes from Hill.

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    Default Re: Pacers/NO/DEN

    Nice trade proposal. I think it is very even, assuming you take out the first rounder from Denver. Mozgov has solid trade value and the Nuggets would be taking on some salary as it is.
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