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Thread: J.R. Smith: Lakers, Clippers, or Pacers

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    For the 3rd time now this is what you wrote....

    Quote Originally Posted by Kstat View Post
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    there nobody on Indiana outside of Granger that aggressively looks to score. It has nothing at all to do with being unselfish or making sacrifices. They simply are not volume scorers.
    All those guys I listed want to score and have the ability to post big point totals if given shots. Everyone I listed has had a 20 or more point games in this league other than Lance who hasn't had many games getting lots of looks. What you typed and what I quoted is 100% wrong and will always be wrong no matter how much you dance around it.
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    Well... I tried...feel free to grab a hold of that shovel and keep digging.

    It wasn't about being the team everyone loved, it was about beating the teams everyone else loved.

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