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Thread: Odd Thoughts: Battered by Gold Dust

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    [QUOTE=spazzxb;1372923] Lance stands around because that is his job. The ball never comes to his side of the court so Lance just waits. When given the ball Lance penetrates and passes the ball to open guys. With your argument wouldn't AJ be the one you want standing in the corner waiting to shoot? Way to often AJ takes a three-point shot because he was incapable of making anything else happen. He either shoots early, or runs out the shot clock accomplishes nothing and then gets an excuse to throw up another shot.
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    The pick and roll is designed to break down the defense. If your PG isn't capable of getting to the rim there's no point in the defense helping.

    That's Price's main weakness and the reason he struggles with his FG% IMO. He shoots mostly jump shots because he's not big enough or athletic enough to make plays in the paint, and that results in very few easy baskets.

    People can't expect Lance to look comfortable on offense when we're basically asking him to be Brandon Rush. We need to run him off screens so he can get to the mid range and paint area were he can be effective.

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    Pretty simple, becuase a line-up of Price, Hill, Jones, Hansbrough, and Foster/Admundson is better than a line-up of Hill, Lance, Jones, Hansbrough, and Foster/Admundson. What do you not get about basketball that makes you believe it is better to put the worse of two line-ups out there?
    You can't claim that as fact just because of a couple games early in the season.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sookie View Post
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    No it's not, and it's not even close. AJ is actually a very good defender, and GH, although has a harder time against SG's is one of the best on the team. Lance, he tries hard..but not so much.

    Go back and look at the Charlotte and Boston games (especially Charlotte) AJ and GH were like buzzsaw's on defense.
    I wouldn't say AJ's any better than Lance on defense. They're both pretty good. AJ might guard certain PGs better, but Lance guards multiple positions. Most people here agree Lance has been really good defensively, not just trying hard, especially the last month or so. Why do think he's not been?

    Btw I checked the game logs, and you're right about the switch during the Miami game, but that wasn't when the "announcement" was made. AJ played the next 2 games, then they both logged minutes vs Philly, but after that AJ went back to the bench and Lance was inserted into the rotation. It wasn't until after Nets game (1/31) and Hill's injury that Price began getting regular minutes. So that must have been when Vogel made the comment about the switch in the rotation. Just wanted to clear this up because I think quite a few people were thinking it was a demotion for Lance, and were using that to help prove their claim that Lance hasn't played PG this year. (which is )

    I know you want Price to play, but the more I think about it the more I'm confident Lance's spot in the rotation is safe.

    Quote Originally Posted by spazzxb View Post
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    I like George hill but if he isn't playing PG, he is just another talented undersized SG. Can he defend some shooting guards, sure. Boston forced Lance onto the floor with Petrius. New Jersey forced Lance onto the floor by posting GH and/or DC whenever they were on the floor. I simply am not a fan of having both our shooting guard and point guard being shorter than me. Occasoinally, GH is just fine at the 2 but that shouldn't be his primary position.
    That's what intrigues me most about the possibility of Lance panning out at PG. We'd be the biggest team in the league, and yes size matters.

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