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Thread: How does Gamebattles NBA2k12 work?

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    Default How does Gamebattles NBA2k12 work?

    I was going to form a team of 3 Players with my nephews and was trying to figure out how GB works on NBA2k12.

    Is it that you form a Team ( ours will be 3 Players ) and then you challenge or find another 3 Player Team to play against?

    If a Team accepts a challenge, how do Teams get determined?

    Do we pick and agree to Teams beforehand ( or is it random )?

    After figuring out a Time and Date to we just meet online on the PS3 or XBox online world and setup a Private Online Team Match?

    At that do Players get assigned to Teams?

    I know for a Quick Team Match ( which I guess is different than a Private Team Match ) that Players get randomly assigned to whatever Team that we play....but in a Private Team we get to assign who plays where?

    Just curious...cuz I want to set something up to start playing.

    Thanks for your responses.
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    Default Re: How does Gamebattles NBA2k12 work?

    You go to the website, start up a new team. Each person will have to go on there and register with their gamertag.

    Then on the site you can search for or post challenges. 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, or you guessed it 5v5.

    Then when you accept or opposing team accepts the challenege. you ever has a better team rcord sets it up and will send one of the players playing a team-up private match game invite.

    gamebattles will either do random nba teams or you can do no top 5, or no top 10 teams where you choose any team with that criteria.

    then you play and report results on the site.

    thats the basic stuff, can get more in depth but wont right now. if you are looking for some teamup on xboxlive then im always down for some. xbl gamertag Greenway84

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    Default Re: How does Gamebattles NBA2k12 work?

    Ah, I miss GB... I used to play Xbox live all the time. Me and my cousins had a real good GB team for COD4. Good times, hope you enjoy!

    Also, if you are trying to get a good rank and are playing a lot of games, it may be a good idea to get a capture card.. Ppl can dispute wins/losses and if you have no way to prove you did in fact win, they can take it away.

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