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Thread: The 8th Annual PD Forum Awards - Nominations Thread

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    Default The 8th Annual PD Forum Awards - Nominations Thread

    Good evening, everyone. It is my honor to announce the commencement of awards season here on Pacers Digest. We are in the midst of an exciting season, with the Blue and Gold currently holding down the 4th seed in the East with a record of 17-7. This is the official nominations thread for the 8th Annual Pacers Digest Forum Awards! Please take this opportunity to honor your fellow posters (no negativity here!). As the organizer of this year’s awards, I’d like to personally thank Trader Joe, avoidingtheclowns, Peck and vnzla81 for their consistent game and post-game efforts. And, of course, I’d like to again express my gratitude to able, Hicks and our other great admins for making PD the preeminent forum for fans of the Indiana Pacers.

    Here is the list of awards:

    Most Valuable Poster – Awarded to the poster who you believe to be most valuable to the board.

    Most Humorous Poster – Awarded to the funniest poster on Pacers Digest.

    Best Debater – Awarded to the poster whose arguments are the most convincing.

    International Poster of the Year – Awarded to your favorite poster who lives outside the United States.

    Best Non-Pacer Fan – Awarded to your favorite poster whose primary loyalties lie with another NBA team.

    Sunshiner of the Year – Awarded to the poster who you think was consistently optimistic and hopeful about the team and its players.

    Moderate Poster of the Year (NEW) – Awarded to the poster who you think was most level-headed and reasonable during both highs and lows.

    Darksider of the Year – Awarded to the poster who you think was least optimistic about the team and its players.

    The Post More Often Award – Awarded to the poster who you wish, for whatever reason, would post more often.

    Best Arm-Chair Coach – Awarded to the poster who displayed the greatest knowledge of the game of basketball in his or her discussion of the team and its players.

    Rookie of the Year – Awarded to the best poster who has joined the board since the last awards season (June 2010). For starters, a list of qualified rookies who have accumulated over 500 posts is included below.

    If there are any awards you’d like to see added to this list, please don’t hesitate to state your case.

    Here are the rules:

    1) Any poster (including our admins) can be nominated for any category, except for those that have been retired from a category or posters that have been banned. Obviously, some awards (Rookie, Non-Pacer Fan, etc.) limit the field of potential nominees. A list of category retirees can be found at the end of this post.

    2) Nominations must be submitted via replies to this thread. You may only nominate one poster per category – and please, no self-nominations – but you are not required to make nominations for every category. You may nominate a fellow poster for multiple categories as you see fit. You are strongly encouraged to advocate and campaign for any poster, including yourself, though self-promotion might backfire.

    3) The five posters who receive the most nominations in each category will advance to the voting thread for that category. In the event of a tie, the maximum amount of nominees will be expanded to ten.

    4) Voting will commence on February 22nd! Voting threads will open at 12 p.m. and close two days later at 7 p.m. Each category will have its own thread and the voting will be conducted via public poll. The person with the most votes wins the award (a majority is not necessary). In the event of a tie, a runoff thread will be created to determine the ultimate victor. If the vote remains tied after a runoff, two winners will be crowned.

    5) Be a good sport and have fun – this is not optional.

    Category / Retiree:
    Best Arm-Chair Coach / thunderbird1245
    Best Debater / Naptown_Seth
    Best Non-Pacer Fan / DisplacedKnick
    Darksider of the Year / Bball
    Most Humorous Poster / MagicRat
    Most Valuable Poster / Unclebuck

    Rookies with 500+ Posts (Note: This is not a complete list of rookies, just those who have over five hundred posts. Quantity doesn’t always equal quality [just look at my post count for proof of that], so please take a look at all the potential nominees by scanning PD’s Members List):
    Nuntius, PGisthefuture, yoadknux, Jared Sullinger, mattie, Pacer Fan, Constellations, KingGeorge, Mackey_Rose, ballism, imbtyler, xIndyFan, presto123, Foul on Smits, BringJackBack, troyc11a, LA_Confidential, aaronb, pacer4ever, Really?, Pacersalltheway10, Eleazar, Ms. Piggy, PacersPride, PacerPenguins, Heisenberg, righteouscool, xBulletproof, DemonHunter1105

    Please advise on all errors and omissions. Any poster who makes nominations in eight or more categories AND votes in all award races will automatically qualify for a random drawing to win a gift certificate from! Thanks, and good luck to all!
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