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Thread: Larry Bird on the BS report 2/2012

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    Default Larry Bird on the BS report 2/2012

    Calls Rubio the best passer he has ever seen so maybe I am not crazy when I called him that watching him in Europe and in the NBA in terms of best passing prospect I have ever seen. Talks about how AAU is hurting the overall NBA game and team basketball that the Cs basketball is almost non existent now a days now there is way to much ISO. Which has been my main gripes with AAU really teaches kids bad habits. Thinks Rubio and Love can bring back some of the selflessness and passing that the league needs. Talks about the 80s Cs and a few other notes. Worth the listen. Says Kobe wants to win like he did and other guys of his era that is why Kobe is his favorite. But thinks Lebron would be the best fit for the 8os Cs team.

    Talks about the Pacers at the end. Says the Pacers likely wont spend over 65 million on pay roll. He says if we get a bad contract they have to play because we are a small market. Also talks about how the players are growing says if we add a guy he has to fit a certain mold like the rest of the guys.
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