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Thread: Important Notice for some of you

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    Default Important Notice for some of you

    This is more for those of you that can't post right now than anyone else, but it's still good general knowledge:

    For a long time, when people have had trouble logging on, or were somehow unintentionally banned, or something else, they would send an email to

    Well, there are two important things to know.

    1) Is that that account wasn't checked regularly, and in fact often forgot about for several weeks at a time, because it always got pushed to the backburner of my attention for a variety of reasons, so if you hadn't gotten a response in the past, that's probably why, or why you got a very late one.

    2) The reason NOW that you don't get replies, is because when I finally got around to checking this account again, it had been neglected long enough, hotmail deleted the account.

    So, if you sent an email to it, and never heard back, now you know why, and I'm here to give you a new email address that does get checked.

    Later I think I'll want to use a more generic address, but until further notice, if you have something to email we admins about, sent it to

    Sorry if any of you have had issues put on hold for a long time because of this, this should help prevent it from happening to anyone from now on.

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    Default Re: Important Notice for some of you

    Once I had it where my Handle appeared up there where it say Bot, and GoogleBot and such. It was kind of cool.
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