After the disappointing loss on Saturday, its back to work for the Pacers (Fun fact: This is first time this season the Pacers have played two games in a row at home) as Utah makes their visit to town, and with them, the invasion of people who are coming just to see Gordon Hayward.

For many of these fans, they've forgotten that the Pacers exist, and sure as shooting have NO IDEA how good these guys have been, so Area 55 is going to have to amp it to 11 tomorrow night.

We're looking for chants mainly targeted towards Millsap, Jefferson, Kanter, Harris, Haywood, and Tinsley (You look familiar! clap clap clap), but as we all know, the box is wide open for PG-rated chants.

Area55 is also looking for suggestions for more chants for when the Pacers are on offense (P-p-p-PACERS is starting to wear thin when you chant it 15 times a game). We recently debuted the "Go go, the blue and gold " chant, but we need more!

As usual, put them here or send them over to @area55chants, @pacers_chants, @thesandman21 or @letstalkpacers on Twitter.