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Thread: Open Letter to the Pacers Organization

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    Default Open Letter to the Pacers Organization

    To the Simon Family, Mr.Bird, the Pacers Front Office and the rest of the Pacers Organization;

    Thanks for restoring my Passion and Pride for the Pacers. I will see you all in early May in Indianapolis WHEN ( not IF ) the Pacers make it to the 2nd round of the Playoffs.

    After a long time, I believe again....

    A Loyal Fan,

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    Default Re: Open Letter to the Pacers Organization

    I have been savoring every game like it's my last. Like a pure, sweet, freshwater spring (Frank Vogel) after traveling through the Sahara (JOB era).

    I think having endured so much awfulness from the Pacers for so many years has made this season (so far) the most enjoyable since the 2000 finals run.

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    Default Re: Open Letter to the Pacers Organization

    Speaking on my own behalf, I never lost the passion or pride, but I do thank them for restoring high-quality basketball in Banker's Life Fieldhouse. Makes my fanship a lot more enjoyable.
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