***This trade is based off the idea that Howard will go to the Nets and the nets getting Jackson as he is reportedly on a list of players that Howard wants on his team.***

Pacers give Price and cap space for this to happen.

The Bucks could truly use Kaman with Bogut breaking his ankle. Also, it has been reported that Bucks would do just about anything to get Jackson out of town. So, bucks give Tobias Harris and the 2nd pick to Hornets for Kaman.

Nets give up Farmar to get rid of Okur to get Jackson and Nets want to clear as much cap (Farmar) space as possible for this summer to get Howard.

Hornets get a young talent in Harris and a decent 2nd rnd pick.

Pacers get: Mehmet Okur, Jordan Farmar

Bucks get: Chris Kaman

Nets get: Stephen Jackson, AJ Price

Hornets get: Tobias Harris, Bucks 2nd rnd.