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Thread: How Good of a coach is Frank Vogel

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    Default How Good of a coach is Frank Vogel

    Yes, we've had a talent upgrade in West and Hill. But West has struggled a lot at times, and the overall second unit hasn't played too well.

    And yes, the younger guys (DC, Roy and PG specifically) have gotten better over the summer, but they still are similar players.

    He hasn't had time to practice with his team and he's never had a full training camp.

    We're talking about a coach that has taken a team, with largely the same players, from "unlikely to make the playoffs" to "tied for the third fewest losses in the league" in a year.

    I think it's really unbelievable what this guy has been able to do. He's clearly a great motivator. He makes good adjustments and he learns quickly. The only obvious flaw I've seen is that sometimes he puts poor player combinations on the floor.

    I just think it's amazing what the Pacers seem to have lucked into.

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