1 - Steve Nash
2 - Robin Lopez
3 - Josh Childress


1 - Dahntay Jones
2 - Louis Amundson
3 - A.J. Price
4 - 2012 1st Rd Pick
5 - Future 2nd Rd Pick

Ok so obviously this does a lot for us by adding Nash and then Lopez to shore up our 2nd unit center probem……the catch is we agree to take on Childress's deal and give up a 2012 pick that is considered a deep draft. I also think Childress is still a heck of a player who was overpaid and because of it its like PHX holds a grudge and wont even play him in an effective manner because he wont play like the paid him too…..he would be PERFECT as our back-up SF behind Danny.

For PHX this initially looks like a steal for Indy….but what you have to consider is the fact that we are willing to take on a deal in Childress…..that almost and maybe no one is willing to absorb (which is the real treasure in being so far under the cap)……throw in a 1st rounder that will surely go with a top 5 pick after this trade for PHX and you dont have a bad building block for the future…..otherwise Nash walks at years end and they get nothing and are still stuck with Childress.