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    Default IND/CLE

    Indiana Gets:

    1 - Ramon Sessions
    2 - Antawn Jameson

    Cleveland Gets

    1 - Louis Amundson
    2 - A.J. Price
    3 - Dahntay Jones

    Indiana rents Jameson for a year to solidify our 2nd unit and Ramon Sessions gives us a PG with size to possibly even compete with Collison as a starter, if not he's putting up almost 10pts & 5assist a game in just 20mins.

    Cleveland cuts salary down for this season and next as well as sending Jameson somewhere he can compete for being such a good soldier. All depends on how much value Cleveland think Sessions has, but this saves them a ton of $ and its more of a $ move for them than anything. Jones does give them some defensive punch and despite what everyone here thinks of Jones, on a team like the Cavs I could see him putting up around 15pts a game.

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    Default Re: IND/CLE

    I would absolutely love that. I like Sessions.
    First time in a long time, I've been happy with the team that was constructed, and now they struggle. I blame the coach.

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    Default Re: IND/CLE

    I just don't like Jamison in this deal. We have other areas we can address for that 15mil, like a Center and a better wing.

    I really like Sessions, he is very similar to DC's play and would be perfect off the bench. The team should be able to work with him easily and would settle in quickly.

    Sessions has a player option and if he knew that the Pacers would be interested, I think he would opt out if he hasn't already? and we could get him this summer for a contract.

    I think a econd rnd picks and Price might get it done with Cavs knowing he can walk, it would be better then nothing for them.

    Bench would be


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    Default Re: IND/CLE

    Jamison sucks. I've had the pleasure of watching the vast majority of Cavs games since that trade, and he is a straight black hole. Takes awful shots, plays great defense one possession and awful the next...good god. I have a few close friends who are Cavs fans and they HATE Jamison with a passion.

    Pass. Although I'd love to get Sessions.

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