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Thread: Manning jerseys on sale

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    Default Manning jerseys on sale

    I have heard that Manning jersey ticket prices started getting decreased teh other day.

    I saw this today, premier for $50.00

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    Default Re: Manning jerseys on sale

    I have heard that NFL jerseys are switching manufacturers very soon (to Nike, from Reebok).

    Because of this some people are smartly waiting for the new jerseys and the old ones are not selling, hence a general price reduction may be in the works for the ones with decent inventory.

    Once caveat: apparently Reebok has already ceased production months ago, and to fill the gap, some low quality secondary vendor has filled in with cheap replacements for out-of-stock jerseys. They are NFL official in name, but they are not the same. Many web sites have warned about staying away from jerseys until Nike takes over in a few months.

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