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    Default IND/GS/NO/SAC

    Indiana Gets:
    1 - Eric Gordon
    2 - Trevor Ariza
    3 - Jason Thompson

    N.O. Gets
    1 - Monta Ellis
    2 - Ekpe Udoh
    3 - Jeremy Tyler
    4 - Louis Amundson
    5 - 1st Rd Pick (Top 5 Protected 2012, unprotected after) (GS)
    6 - 1st Rd Pick (Lotto Protected 2012, 13, top 6 after) (IND)

    G.S. Gets
    1 - Chris Kaman
    2 - Dahntay Jones
    3 - 2nd Rd Pick (IND)

    Sacramento Gets
    1 - Jarret Jack

    Indiana gets EJ and Thompson while having to take on Ariza and give up a 1st Rd pick. The pick is most likely in the low 20's and while Ariza's deal isn't great by moving Dahntay it eases the cap hit some and he is an upgrade over Jones on both sides of the ball.

    Golden State finally moves Ellis and avoids further controversy on whether Curry and he can play together. They bring in Kaman who gives them their first legit Center in recent memory as well as Jones for some defensive punch on the perimeter.

    New Orleans gets 2 1st rounders plus a guy in Ellis who not only can be a centerpiece to a team but is still young and has a decent contract. They also get several young prospects in Udoh & Tyler. When you factor in moving both Ariza & Jack all N.O. has left is Okafor as a bad contract whom they can Amnesty at seasons end if they want. I don't see them doing better than this for EJ.

    Sacramento gets the legitimate starting PG they need at a bargain price and only give up a guy they are unlikely to bring back next season anyway.

    I think this trade makes a lot of sense for everybody involved. New Orleans is obviously the wildcard as they have more red tape with the league being involved….

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    Default Re: IND/GS/NO/SAC

    When I read this trade I thought "oh.. he turned Jones, Lou and a 1st round pick into Eric Gordon and Ariza.. Something must be wrong"

    And... Warriors Trade Monta, Udoh and a 1st rounder for an expiring Kaman... Which is bad value for them (That's about as bad as us trading Granger, Hansbrough and a first round pick for him)
    If a trade were to happen between the Warriors and the Hornets, I would say it would be something like Monta+1st+Filler round pick for Kaman and Gordon.

    I like trades that rely on cap space and not just talent for talent, but I think this one isn't really fair for the Warriors. good try though

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    Default Re: IND/GS/NO/SAC

    I agree it probably isn't the best value for the Warrior…..but the problem for them is that it doesn't seem like the market is there for Ellis….its also apparent that Ellis & Curry aren't going to make them contenders, or even a play-off team….nor is a center rotation of Biedrins/Brown. There is no way the Hornets give them EJ for Monta, it will never happen. As for the Pacers and flipping Jones, Amundson and a 1st & 2nd rounder if you look at it as a straight talent swap of course we come out bandits….but Ariza is grossly overpaid…the Rockets realized it, now the Hornets realize it and to move him they will have to sweeten the deal. EJ is more than just a sweetener, this I know….but if he isn't interested in resigning there which is very likely this may be the best opportunity to move him, while also moving most of there bad contracts to begin the rebuilding phase. In any case your most likely correct, it will never happen….but a guy can dream.

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    Default Re: IND/GS/NO/SAC

    Probably wouldn't work, but it's as close as you can get to getting Gordon and not losing a starter.

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    Default Re: IND/GS/NO/SAC

    GSW is getting destroyed and Sac has to many Pg, Pg/G now. They would not be interested.

    Pacers would be Stealing, I don't see Stern helping the Pacers out like that.

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