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Thread: Memphis/Indiana (OJ)

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    Default Memphis/Indiana (OJ)

    From the talks between the Nets and Grizz, I have come to the conclusion that the Grizzlies are wanting cap space more than anything in a trade for OJ Mayo, meaning a team with space is going to get a steal come the deadline.

    Pacers get:
    OJ Mayo

    Grizzlies get: (either of the packages offered)
    1: Dahntay and a 1st in this draft

    2: AJ and a 1st, a future 2nd and rights to Stanko

    Why I like Package 1: It cuts $3M off of their payroll without bringing in someone who is horrendous (besides the whole black hole thing) in Dahntay who can also hit shots. He isn't going to be a cancer and command a start. They also get an extra pick in the most stacked draft since '03.

    Why I like package 2: They save nearly $5M. Enough said? No? Alright. A pick for the same reasons, another pick for their troubles, and rights to Stanko, who might be a decent NBA center. He could make an impact in Memphis if Speights doesn't work out and he is dealt again.
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    I'm not one of those guys that's in love with Mayo. I wouldn't give up a first in the upcoming draft for him. Just my opinion.

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    Default Re: Memphis/Indiana (OJ)

    Both deals suck for Memphis

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