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Thread: Ind/Bos/NJ

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    Default Ind/Bos/NJ

    Indiana trades: Granger, DC
    Indiana gets: Rondo, JO

    Boston trades: Rondo, JO
    Boston gets: Deron Williams

    New Jersey trades: Deron Williams
    New Jersey gets: Granger, DC

    I'm more and more convinced that this team won't reach it's true potential until they have a true distributor at the point. I know some will wonder why we don't just get Deron outright if Jersey is willing to move him for DG and DC. I'm assuming he would not want to play here. If he did, then by all means make that move! JO is obviously filler that gives us a back up big and lets him retire a Pacer.

    This also is contingent on Deron wanting to play in Boston.

    Rise up Pacer Nation!!!

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    Default Re: Ind/Bos/NJ

    I was messing with the same idea the other day. The conclusion I had tho was why would Boston want DWill and couldn't they do better in a trade if they do a youth movement as reported.

    DWill can walk at the end of this year, can't loose Rondo for a 3 month rental.

    The trade is good but just not viable.
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    Garbage players get 1st round picks, (WTF)! All of the NBA must hate the Pacers! LOL

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    Default Re: Ind/Bos/NJ

    Deron wouldn't accept an extension from Boston so this deal wouldn't work.

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