I posted a similar trade proposal before, but I still think there is a legitimate reason to make this deal. This deal has to be broken down into two spearate deals to make it work.

HOU gets:

Danny Granger
AJ Price

IND gets:

Jordan Hill
Patrick Patterson
Courtney Lee
Goran Dragic

In a separate deal:

HOU gets:

Lou Amundsen

IND gets:

Chase Buddinger


PG- Collison/Hill/Dragic
SG- Lee/DJones/Stephenson
SF- George/Buddinger
PF- West/Hansborough/Patterson
C - Hibbert/Hill/Foster/Pendergraph

PG- Lowry/Flynn/Price
SG- Martin/Williams
SF- Granger/Parsons
PF- Scola/Morris/Amundson/Adrien
C - Dalembert/Thabeet

This makes us a deeper and younger team than what we already are. I don't think the direction of this trade is what Bird is going for, though. If anything he would rather upgrade somewhere, but what this does is it gives us our front court of the future absolutely solidified and adds toughness and length. I love these young kids that aren't getting too much opportunity in Houston as we speak.

We send Granger to a Western Conference team, which is important. We get $5M more in cap space immediately. I think this trade makes us a much better defensive team over the long term. Jordan Hill is a beast of an athlete. I was extremely impressed with his talent/athleticism when I saw him live. Lee is an excellent defender and is getting better offensively, IMO. I just think this is the type of trade that we should be thinking about when looking at trading Granger as an option for our front office. As these kids develop, they collectively will be much better trade assets in the future.