Alright... I was pretty busy all weekend and today, so as always I apologize if I repeat someone else's observations:

Nice of JO to play this weekend. Bender is so important to this year's team that if he can't play, JO has to come back early.

I don't think I've seen this discussed on here... I've heard Foster didn't travel with the team on this trip to Cleveland and Boston because the doctors feared that flying on an airplane this close after surgery could re-injure his hip. If that's right, that can not be good.

I loved the fact that JO was on a parade to the FT line during the Boston game. This guy gets abused as much as KG and Duncan, but takes far fewer FTAs. Maybe that gets fixed this year.

You could see that Tinsley didn't feel good.

Had to listen to Boston's announcers. They thought it was odd that Ron disappeared to the lockerroom shortly before halftime. So they send thier sideline reporter to investigate. He came back with an odd answer, he said this happens all the time, the Pacers take him back to the lockerroom to stretch at the end of the second quarter. So the thought that went through my head... Ron's always on on the court at the end of the second quarter, isn't he?.

This phone conversation really happened on Saturday:

Jay, "Not only did I have to listen to Heinsohn last night, but Cousy was on, too."

Jay's_Dad@Section204, ""

Jay's_Dad@Section204, "So who will you listen to tonight?"

Jay, "Oh, I always get Red Kerr when we play the Bulls."

Jay's_Dad@Section204, ""

Remind me not to be nice to him over Thanksgiving.

Anyway, Cousy was really impressed with David Harrison.

Tom Dore and Red Kerr made a huge issue of Ron and Rick having a shouting match before a timeout in the second quarter. I'm not saying there's anything to this, but if there are any announcers in the league that know when Ron's about to do something disruptive, its the Bulls announcers.

When Ron picked up his next foul, of course he went and sat in the stands instead of on the bench. Rick told him to get back on the bench, and Tom and Red thought that was a gutsy move by Carlisle.

Then Ron disappeared before the second quarter ended. Tom and Red didn't investigate, but they did start speculating. So Jay's_Wife@Section204 yelled at the televsion, "If you guys would do your research like the clowns last night, you'd know he does that 'every game.'"

Later they gave a half-@$$ed apology, claiming they weren't trying to pick on Ron, and they thing he's good person, blah blah blah.

Anyway, I just wanted to enter that sequence 'for the record'.

David Harrison is already challenging to move past Jamaal Tinsley as my second-favorite of the current Pacers. That guy is a legit center. Here's hoping he' ready to stay in the regular rotation.

This phone conversation really happened on my train ride home tonight:

Jay's_Dad@Section204, "This Stephen Jackson is going to be a terrific pickup."

Jay, looking out the window at the United Center, "I think Fred's outplaying him. Its a good thing he's rebounding effectively."

Jay's_Dad@Section204, "Well, its sure nice to see that Al's really tearing it up in Altanta."

Jay, "Yeah, that team's brutal."

Jay's_Dad@Section204, "Well, he's a cancer. And I've been impressed with Bender."

Jay, "What?"

Jay's_Dad@Section204, "One game on, two games off. That's an improvement."

Jay, "Okay."

Jay's_Dad@Section204, "Well, the offense just falls apart when JO comes into the game."

Jay, "Uh, and you wonder why *I'm* negative all the time?"

Jay's_Dad@Section204, "Well, Eddie Gill looks a lot like Micheal Williams out there, I think I'm gonna like him.

Jay, ""

After the Steelers game Sunday, I realized it has been a long time since either of my two teams has lost a game that counts. TheSauceMaster was supposed to send me a truckload of Nexium, and we do play Minnesota next, so maybe I need that anyway.

Jay's_Wife@Section204 and I are planning to go to the Bulls/ Spurs game in December at the UC. Its been a few seasons since we've seen TD play, and neither of us have seen Ginobolli play in person. So is that considered adultry if I pay to go watch another team? Or is it okay as long as Jay's_Wife@Section204 goes with me? I've been to some non-Pacers games at the UC, 'entertaining' (and I use that term loosely) clients, and I feel dirty even thinking about this, but I'd really like to see the Spurs this season.

Nocioni is the real deal. I wonder what it would cost to trade for him. The Bulls will almost certainly break this team up right before they start having success, and Nocioni is the guy from that roster I'd like to have.

Glad I drafted Marcus Banks AND Eric Piatkowski for my fantasy team. They both looked great against the Pacers this weekend, didn't they. At least Banks got into the game for a couple of minutes. Man, I stink at fantasy basketball. And I've already cut "Little Bro' " since he couldn't make Miami's rotation... what does SVG mean that a member of the Person family 'doesn't play defense.'