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    Default IND/NJ/ORL/MEM

    Pipe-Dream 5 Teamer here but it could make sense.

    Indiana gets:
    1 - Hedo Turk
    2 - Marshon Brooks
    3 - Jason Thompson

    New Jersey gets:
    1 - Dwight Howard
    2 - Chris Duhon
    3 - Francisco Garcia
    4 - Sam Young

    Orlando gets:
    1 - Brooke Lopez
    2 - Damion James
    3 - Mehmet Okur
    4 - Anthony Morrow
    5 - O.J. Mayo
    6 - 2012 1st (NJ)
    7 - 2012 1st (NJ)
    8 - 2012 1st (IND)

    Memphis gets:
    1 - J.J. Redick
    2 - Future 2nd (IND)
    3 - Future 2nd (NJ)

    Sacramento gets:
    1 - Jordan Farmar
    2 - Dahntay Jones

    Four of these teams have been linked this year at some point so why not just knock it all out in 1 deal.

    I know a lot of you will hate this deal for us because we take on Turk but I think he could be a good addition to our 2nd unit and is our price to pay to bring in Brooks who I think could either start, or really solidify our 2nd unit as the go to scorer there. Thompson would give us the PF/C we have been really needing in our 2nd unit and he he is young enough to be a part of our long term plan. Brooks is the key to this deal…..he is showing why some thought he could be a special talent….I think he makes this worth it for us.

    New Jersey obviously gets there guy in Howard while not having to take on Turks deal. They also are able to get a few capable role players out of the deal to round out the roster after giving up so much.

    Orlando in my opinion gets a really good haul here. Arguably better than any of the other franchises who lost their cornerstones. They are able to move every bad contract they have while also getting what will probably be 2 lottery picks and a pick in the high teens of what is considered one of the deepest drafts in a while. When you throw in Lopez, who despite last season not having his best year is still a top prospect at the C position as well as O.J. Mayo who could very well have a BIG bounce back season to revive his career in a new place as well as Damion James who still has some upside I think they do pretty well.

    Memphis is mainly here because they have been shopping Mayo and Redick appears to fit the mold of what they are looking for….a top notch shooter on the 2nd unit.

    Sacremento needs a real PG. They dont really have one on their roster as Evans has shown he is more of a SG. Farmar gives them a cheap option to see if it works out for a couple years. To get him they are able to move Garcia who has an unfriendly deal and is too old to be a part of the future and Thompson, who they likely wont bring back next year anyway as they dont use him much.
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