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    Default IND/ORL

    Pacers get: JJ Redick
    Magic get: 2012 2nd, Lou/Jeff P., cap relief from Redick's bloated contract

    The Magic need a decent backup big man, and they would get a decent rotational player in Lou/Jeff P. More importantly, they are in salary cap hell and if they want to keep D12 they need to bring in someone to help him, and can't do that without cap space.

    The Pacers need a scorer off the bench not named Dahntay. Enough said? I think so.
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    Default Re: IND/ORL

    I'd do that if Danny is dealt (don't want to jack our own cap). I think Lou would be the one as Pacers are prolly a little more committed to Pendergraph at this point and he was just signed. Some restrictions apply to Jeff P. Not sure when he can be traded. Do you know?

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