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NO, first of all hate is not the right word, dislike is the correct one and secondly; the Hansbrough worshipping here of some has reached levels that makes you dislike the fellow to begin with.

If it was up to the Tyler-Fans he would be starting over West or some even suggested he play over Roy; now tell me, what does that look like to you?

Tyler is a nice bench player, IF HE STAYS within himself and his role.

He is not nor will he be starter material a la West or Hibbert..

That is not a bad thing, but his fans on this board make it so.

And don't you dare compare him to DD, because DD played with finesse and smarts whilst being tough. So far Hans has acted tough, but no finess and no smarts.
Mcbob fans like you do the same thing.

And I would like to see a post were somebody said that Tyler should play in front of Hibbert, I'm sorry but I call on that one.