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Thread: I'm Convinced: Steelers Are Stellar

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    Default I'm Convinced: Steelers Are Stellar

    Pittsburgh has beaten the daylights out of the supposed top two teams in the NFL in two consecutive weeks. They've dominated in all phases. That's one hell of a football team.
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    Default Re: I'm Convinced: Steelers Are Stellar

    I know anytime you beat the defending SB champs then beat one of the last undefeated teams in consecutive weeks you gotta be good.Big Ben is what 6-0 as a starter?Thats really impressive especially for a ROOKIE.What if in the AFC Championship game it is a rematch of the'95 game? Hell the way the Colt D is playing I don't even know if we will make the playoffs.At least the Titans aren't on our *** like last year.Our we in 2nd in our Divison?Or 1st?I think we really need a win tommorow because if not I will not be a happy person leaving the ThunderDome.
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