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Thread: Divisional Championship Round Talk/Predictions

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    Default Divisional Championship Round Talk/Predictions

    AFC: Ravens at Pats

    NFC: Giants at Niners

    As pointed out in another thread, Niners - Ravens would have the most interesting plot lines. Personally, I imagine I'll be pulling for whoever wins the NFC game. I like both of those teams pretty well. Conversely I despise both AFC entries.

    What are your predictions?
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    Default Re: Divisional Championship Round Talk/Predictions

    Don't ask Marvin Harrison what he did during the bye week. "Batman never told where the Bat Cave is," he explained.

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    Default Re: Divisional Championship Round Talk/Predictions

    People will harken back to the Patriots playoff loss to the Ravens two years ago. It should be noted that the Patriots will have 17 different starters for this game than they did for that one just two years ago. Plus in that game Brady had broken ribs, Welker was on IR, the tight ends on the roster then were not receiving threats, and Moss had a separated shoulder. The 5 Holdover: Brady, Mankins, Light, Wilfork, Mayo. Fast forward 2 years, The Ravens D is older, the Patriots offense is way more diverse and polished, with the two best tight ends in the conference and Welker at 100%, with youth infused into the offensive line. Will the defense show up? Hard to tell, but I don't see them getting run on, or getting abused by Flacco. I don't see the Patriots losing to the Ravens.

    Real rock-em sock-em game. The Giants look scary with their D line and linebackers, Eli's clutch play, Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz. They won't run the ball vs. the Niners, but maybe they don't need to. The Niners are so well-coached and make so few mistakes that they will be in it. Tough call, but I think the road warrior Giants win in and set up a 2007 Super Bowl re-match.

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    Default Re: Divisional Championship Round Talk/Predictions

    I'm hoping for Niners/Ravens. Regardless, I'll be pulling for the NFC.

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