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Thread: Shade's Power Rankings (11-8-04)

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    Default Shade's Power Rankings (11-8-04)

    Well, as always in the first few weeks of the Basketball New Year, there's going to be some craziness in the Power Rankings. And as usual, I will start out by rewarding the teams that manage to stay undefeated early.

    1) (12) - It was very difficult to determine the #1 and #2 spots, but Utah gets it by playing (and stomping) the tougher schedule of the two so far.

    2) (6) - Last week, I said this was my dark horse Finals candidate. That "dark horse" label may come off sooner than expected at this pace.

    3) (4) - So far, it been more the Dwayne Wade show than Shaqtime. Though it's obvious that his presence makes a difference. Can't wait to see Dwayne vs. Kobe.

    4) acers: (5) - It hasn't been pretty, but the Pacers continue to win despite abundant injuries. As JO returns, Pollard takes a break with a sore back. Sheesh.

    5) (14) - I have to admit, there's finally a little "D" in Dallas again. And the "O" ain't too bad, either.

    6) (26) - Ahh...early season Power Rankings at it's best. Let Raps fans enjoy it for the time being.

    7) istons: (1) - Don't worry, the defending champs will likely bounce back up into the top 3 or so as early as next week.

    8) (2) - See above.

    9) (3) - This is the most likely of the previous top 3 to remain fallen from grace, but never count out a team led by KG.

    10) :sonics: (25) - After getting thrashed by the Clippers in the season opener, the Sonics have bounced back to win two straight -- including a big one over the Spurs that gets them into the Top 10 for this week.

    11) :blazers: (19)
    12) (21)
    13) (27)
    14) (15)
    15) (10)
    16) (11)
    17) (18)
    18) (30)
    19) (8)
    20) :sixers: (13)
    21) (22)
    22) (24)
    23) (20)
    24) (23)
    25) (9)
    26) (17)
    27) (28)
    28) (16)
    29) (7)
    30) (29)

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    Default Re: Shade's Power Rankings (11-8-04)


    Those rankings look kinda familiar...

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    Default Re: Shade's Power Rankings (11-8-04)

    Wow, look at all those teams behind the lowly Bobcats! Bet they're wishing they'd traded for Primoz when they had the chance.

    Over the last year, the Knicks have got to have had the largest sizzle to steak ratio in the entire NBA.

    And poor Harrington, down there scraping his butt on the very bottom of the list. Look out for that first step toward being the man, it's a doozy.

    Of all of these, the team that's going to rise the furthest over the next month will be Memphis. They will easily rise 12-14 spots by January.

    Ah November. Every team still has a shot.

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