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Thread: Game Thread 9: Pacers @ 76ers 1/9/2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrangeRusHibbert View Post
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    Notice the bait-and-switch from Mackey? He switched the disagreement from scoring (points), which I objected to, to "offensively," where he could include Iguodala's passing numbers.

    I would never object to the claim that Iguodala's a more "complete" player. That's obvious. I objected to the claim that Danny is "maybe a slightly better scorer."

    Anyway, for their careers, Granger averages nearly five more points per-36 (14.8 vs. 19.6), and he does it while shooting both a higher TS% and eFG%.

    Significantly more points on better efficiency? That's a little more than "maybe a slightly better scorer," which is the silly comment that ruined Mackey's already suspect credibility regarding Danny.

    He is just half a percentage point better when it comes to eFG%. So yes, more efficient, but marginally so. Granger is a better three-point shooter, and a better free throw shooter which is where the difference in TS% comes from, and still it's a less than full percentage point difference. It isn't like Granger is some ultra-efficient scoring machine, and Iguodala is an offensive liability.

    Granger has scored about 5 more points game on a per-36 basis for his career, but he has needed 4 more field goal attempts to do it.

    Over the course of their careers, Granger has scored 1.30 points per shot. Iguodala has scored 1.32 points per shot.

    If you look beyond simple points per game, you'll see that there isn't much of a difference when it comes to which player is the better scorer. The other things that Iggy contributes are what puts him over the top.
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