As a result of the lockout and the resulting lack of forum activity this past off-season, the forum did not hold it's annual awards this past July. I am honored to have been given the green-light to run the PD Forum Awards this time through, and I wanted to take a quick poll of PDers to gauge interest in whether or not we should hold the awards during the season, and if so, when.

The awards that were handed out the last time were:

Most Valuable Poster
Most Humorous Poster
Best Debater (previously Most Argumentative)
International Poster of the Year
Best Non-Pacer Fan
Sunshiner of the Year
Darksider of the Year
Moderate Poster of the Year
Post More Often Award
Pacers Thread of the Year
Off-Topic Thread of the Year
Best Arm Chair Coach
Rookie of the Year
Off-Topic Most Valuable Poster

As is tradition, PD is open to suggestions for new awards and suggestions for tweaking or replacing old ones.

I am also hoping to continue the PD Hall of Fame as established by Pig Nash. The inaugural class consisted of Mourning, MagicRat, ABADays, Hicks, Able, Shade, Roaming Gnome, Kerosene, Uncle Buck, ChicagoJ and Peck.

Please you this thread as a forum to discuss and debate the prospects and merits of these awards.

*Due to their dominance, Mourning and MagicRat have been retired from consideration for the International Poster of the Year and Most Humorous Poster awards respectively.