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Thread: Official Danny Granger trade ideas

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    Default Official Danny Granger trade ideas

    This one mimic's the deal that was almost done with the Tblazers regarding Gerald Wallace. Orlando is said to want veteran guys or "win now" pieces back in a Dwight Howard trade. Rumor was 4 first round picks for Gerald Wallace.

    Pacers get: 3 first rd picks and Marshon Brooks

    Magic get: Danny Granger and Brook Lopez, Okur and a 1st rd pick

    Nets get: Dwight Howard and Hedo

    We could possibly take Jameer Nelson if ORL wants him gone but since they want a win now guy I left him out. Trade Machine is down if Okur doesnt fit under the nets salary he could be shiped our way just to make it work.

    Trade may have to be altered a bit trade machine is down so I didn't see if it works. But I feel this could possibly work for all 3 teams involved. I really like it for us we get to move George to the SF and we bring in a scorer to play with him and get 3 good draft picks which is a hell of a haul for Granger.

    Magic allegedly gets what they want from what I have read and from the almost trade with the Blazers before the season.

    normally rookies can be traded the first season after they sign but with the short season and short signing period I don't know how it works this year. Im sure they will make exceptions so rookies can be traded this year.

    post your Danny trade ideas in this thread. Should of traded him a few years ago for a package like this honestly dont even know if he still has this much value.
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