Hi all - great to have the season going, eh?

Let me just say I apologize in advance for this entire post.

OK, I'm going to ask something here that's been bothering me for some time now. I know its probably mostly guys posting around here, so I've never brought it up, but I'm going to go ahead and ask. This might seem a little odd, but....

Is Jermaine O'Neal a good looking guy?

See, here's my point: There are some guys another guy can look at and just think "good looking guy". Doesn't mean anything (not that there would be anything wrong if it did mean something....), but you know? Mel Gibson, for instance - good looking guy.

I see some NBA guys and I can platonically acknowledge they're good looking guys - I would like to look more like AD, for instance.

Now, take Jermaine...I saw him at Circle Center a while back, and he's got an odd baby-face kind of thing going on. I saw him on the bench last night and I asked myself "is he good looking or not?" I can't for the life of me tell.

Any opinions out there?????

As I said earlier, I apologize.....It's early in the season and I'm just getting warmed up.