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    I'm not buying the blame JOB for Danny's regression. There's nothing to support it, and Danny seems to have issues with fundamentals (dribbling, passing) and mental (head down, bad shot selection), which would have been coached throughout his entire career. If anything, JOB played to Danny's strengths, which is a smart way to coach.

    I don't know if it's injuries or he's been here too long and he's burnt out, but right now we could take Granger off this team and not really miss much, and it's been that way for a couple years. I like Granger, and in some ways I'd like to see him traded as I think we could get something more useful back, and I think he could really thrive in the right circumstances, and for some reason Indianapolis doesn't seem to be the right place.

    Saying that, I want to see how this season plays out. The addition of West could really benefit Granger and I could see his game developing as he plays with an experienced vet. His trade value is probably at an all time low right now, so hopefully the added experience to the roster will help take the weight off Granger and allow him to find his place on the court. His defense seems improved over last year, and hopefully with time he can really find his place in the offense.
    What are the main concerns about Danny right now?

    1. He has bad shot selection.

    2. He only plays defense on occasion.

    You really don't see anything from O'Brien there?

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