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    Quote Originally Posted by Unclebuck View Post
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    Wall looked ok as a rookie, but Irving looks a lot better to me, and Wall had a lot more hpye out of college.

    I thought the cavs defense was good tonight, the best defense against the pacers thus far
    Irving has better quicks and a nasty rock the ball/crossover plus lateral shimmy/fake that is going to get him past nearly all defenders with little issue. The shimmy is where he can keep the dribble in the same hand and just throw a shoulder shimmy to get a guy to bite and give him the driving lane. Then you add in the crossover. Yeesh. It's like Damon Stoudamire's first couple of seasons.

    Wall's thing is transitional SPEED, not quicks. He's more Kidd where if he gets the ball at the FT line or farther on a rebound or TO and it's a freaking track meet the other way.

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