I'm probably wasting my time there, so I thought I'd let you all take a shot at this. Here are the thoughts of a Nets fan on a thread debating who is better between us and New Jersey:

Martin is averaging 18 points and 10 boards per game.

He's also shooting it at 50% from the floor.

Statistically, he's even with O'Neal, who's averaging 20/10, but shooting the ball at a miserable 43% clip. O'Neal is a better player, but you're seriously underrating Kenyon Martin. Not to mention Martin is also a better passer than Jermaine.

Artest is even worse from the field- 41.9%. His steals + blocks per game are the same as Martins. Like Artest, Martin is more of an on the ball defender. O'Neal for example, gets his blocks through team defense. Martin averages 18 points per game. Artest is at 17.9. 9.9 boards per game for Martin to 5.3 for Ron.

Jefferson is not MUCH better than Harrington, but he has been averaging 18 per game for the last three months and has developed 3 point range. He's also a good passer, dishing out three per ball game.

Kidd is an impact player- a walking triple double who can take over games even more so than O'Neal. Again I reference the 43.5% shooting of Jermaine. Terrible for an all-star power forward who is supposed to be a dominant low post player.

Martin has the ability to shut down Jermaine, and come playoff time he could very well do this.
What do you think?