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Thread: Odd Thoughts: Ruining the Raptors home debut

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    Quote Originally Posted by McKeyFan View Post
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    George Hill is still rusty overall, but he makes great passes into the post. This could make a real difference for our team
    I agree. I think he is a better passer than Collison.

    The scouting I did on him are long forgotten, but I wanted no part of him coming out of UCLA because...he was all about his own dribble and not about running the court.

    He's better, yes, but his strongest passing is still working out of the PnR where he's leaning on his quickness with the ball to create a lane. If he has to spot a lane or make a tough feed with a clever pass, that's just not his thing.

    PnR with DC and West/Hans should be pretty reliable though.

    Hill isn't just rusty either, I think he's also still trying to feel out the roster and how he fits. He's younger than West and is coming off the bench with a less clear directive. West is the post scorer and stays out of the way on plays for Roy. Hill is being asked to be a PG dribble/attacker but also a true SG shooter and sometimes just a defender. He's got the classic "jack of all trades" type of bench role that can be tough for some players.

    As he learns the team and can identify what he needs to be on any given night I think we will see his game really step up. Right now it often feels like he's trying to stay out of the way.

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