Who would say no? If its structured as 2 separate deals it will work under the cap. I'd say yes as a Pacers fan, and I think New Orleans would as well. Reason being.

1. Gordon is a native Hoosier and would most likely be willing to sign an extension here

2. Granger is a NO native and would represent a tremendous local draw

3. Emeka Okafor provides this Pacers squad with the post defense and rebounding that we simply have no had here since Foster and JO were prime time players. You can argue Okafor would be the 1st real post enforcer type since Dale Davis was in his prime.

New Orleans says yes because they receive 2 assets that are willing to stay in New Orleans through a rebuild. The Pacers say yes because George fills the 3 and we fill our 2 biggest needs through this trade.