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Thread: Just how big of a move was signing David West?

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    Default Just how big of a move was signing David West?

    I'm sitting here listening to 1070 the fan and they are talking about something that really got me thinking and I completely agree. David West, along with the other guys we brought in, have completely changed the culture of this team. There are no guys that will go sit on the bench and complain about playing time, nobody for Lance Stephenson to fool around with which will only make him better. Apparently James Posey got in a yelling match with Frank Vogel which I had never heard about, but that must be the reason he was never allowed back here during training camp. They all play hard now, nobody is just looking out for themselves. I think the team has just completely changed their total outlook. It went from a few guys trying to get their stats, to everyone just playing as a team. I also loved how David West got mad after every time he missed a shot, he just brings that sense of wanting to win and striving for greatness. The guys don't have to worry about messing up because the coach actually believes in them and will continue to push you to get better. Danny Granger made a good passing play or two and I think he will continue to make his game more of an all-around game. This year is gonna be the turning point for this franchise. Yes I am saying this after one game.

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