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Thread: O'Neal for Kidd?

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    Default Re: O'Neal for Kidd?

    Who voted yes? Fess up and tell us why, please.

    I promise not to throw [size=9:bfe5051715]the first [/size]darts.
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    Default Re: O'Neal for Kidd?

    i would trade him for lots of guys. garnett and duncan obviously ... lebron james pretty damn obviously too, kobe bryant if he gets out of the court business, tracy mcgrady probably.. allen iverson maybe... dirk nowitzski? would consider it.
    Oh yeah I just remembered...You're from Brooklyn!

    Garnett? Probably
    Duncan? Probably
    James? Never
    Bryant? Never
    McGrady? Never
    Iverson? Never
    Nowitzki? Never

    My reasons
    Garnett and Duncan are slightly better, more versatile and more consistent.
    James, Bryant, McGrady and Iverson are all guards and you never trade big for small. (There are plenty of other reasons I would not trade for those men too.)
    Nowitzki I'd pass on because of his lack of toughness and leadership.

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    Default Re: O'Neal for Kidd?

    The funny thing is, there's isn't a huge gap in ability. JO is fully capable himself, and I would rather have JO than lebron. You do not trade big for small, it makes no sense. JO will have more of an impact than Lebron would on this team, and he poses more problems for people. We don't know how lebron is going to turn out, but we do know JO is good, real good. I would rather watch JO play than lebron...frankly, he is pretty damn exciting to watch.

    How has he not proven himself better than the power forwards of the west? Every night JO gets it done, and he always does well against the west, too. Sorry, I don't see the logic in your argument.
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    Default Re: O'Neal for Kidd?

    ...not trading jermaine for lebron would be seen as a huge huge huge huge mistake in the future...
    When? How many true all-star guards are there in the Eastern Conference versus the number of true all-star big men in the East? I think JO is one of a few. LeBron will have to deal with those good guards for the next several years, while Jermaine has hardly anyone in his conference to matchup badly with.

    ...lebron vs jermaine? who would you rather watch - day in - day out - on your team?
    To answer your question, I would rather watch Jermaine.

    but the long term future would be much brighter and a hell of a lot more exciting.
    Who is to say that big men dunking on big men isn't exciting or that hook shots or turnaround jumpers aren't exciting? I think that having Jermaine is as exciting as having a rookie who can dunk and pass (among other things).

    sam bowie over mike jordan. who would you rather have?
    I would rather have Michael Jordan at the present time. The Jermaine O'Neal/LeBron James thing is different. Sam Bowie wasn't the all-star Jermaine O'Neal is and LeBron James is not the greatest player of all-time.

    tracy mcgrady or zach randolph?
    Zach Randolph...more team-oriented. are only choosing jermaine over these guys because of homerism - jermaine hasn't really proven himself to be any better than quite a few power players in the west.
    Nope, I actually see that Jermaine is a force to be reckoned with and is deserving of his all-star selection. I don't even understand the part about the players in the west vs Jermaine.

    if you put jermaine on atlanta... would they be in the playoffs?
    I think they would, with the roster before the recent trade and after.

    jermaine has had only minimal winning success in the past.
    Not his fault...Look at his situation in Portland--He wasn't playing...Look who is coach has been here.

    ...people are just over gloryfying him...he has never come when it really counted yet...
    I could say the same thing about LeBron James.

    he's a crybaby.
    When did you start talking about Allen Iverson?

    If you have watched Jermaine much at all this season, you would see he has grown up and doesn't complain about calls much.

    ... jermaine ... i just don't like the guy much. obviously i want him to do well for the pacers sake. but i'm not a fan of him individually.
    I understand that, but you still have to acknowledge his talent and playing ability. To tell the truth, I still don't like Jermaine and I never have, but with each passing game and each win he brings us, I am starting to like him more. The guy has class, which is hard to come by anymore in the NBA.

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