hey all. i'll be making my first trip to the us in a couple of weeks to visit my fiancee, and i'll be staying in nyc for a week from the 11th to the 18th.

i don't have many ideas about what to do, i'm primarily concerned about good places to eat, and i was hoping people who had visited/lived in nyc had some recommendations for good eats.

i was also planning to catch a knicks game (a knicks game is better than no nba at all, am i right?), and they play the magic on the 16th, so i was hoping i could make that work too. is ticketmaster the best option? the prices seem kinda steep for even the crappiest seats, but maybe that's because it's ny...

also planning to go to a show at the comedy cellar.

damn, i sound so tourist-y.

i'll be staying first in the upper west side, and then in the fashion district, if that helps/is relevant in any way.

thank you all in advance!