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Thread: Force a player to grow?

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    Default Force a player to grow?

    I've always thought about the strategy of trying to force one of your players to grow up at the risk of a loss.

    For instance, Roy Hibbert has everything needed to be a great Center on this league...except for a killer instinct. If in the coach, I would love to try(just for one game) running a crazy amount of possessions through Roy. Force him to be the focal point on the offense, tell him it's up to him to make the plays. There is obviously a risk here as well, but I feel like some players just need a kick in the pants.

    I would love to try something similar with PG as well, but I feel like he has plenty of time where I look at this as Hibberts year where we will all know what he will be for the next 10.

    Honestly, I woulnt mind trying that once with a bunch of people on the team. Obviously like I said, it's a risk/reward game, but even in the losing battles it would be loads of fun watching your young guy trying to lead the team.

    I've always been curious about this strategy. I can understand why a coach who's job is on the line might not necessarily love it, but I also feel like it could be great for the team in the long haul.

    What do y'all think?

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    Default Re: Force a player to grow?

    It's risky, but I think it would be good for Roy because he's always so hesitant. If he was forced to lead the team in scoring that would make him a better scorer in the long run.

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    Default Re: Force a player to grow?

    I do think it's a good way to test a player, and it also provides an opportunity to learn for that player. I think you have to be careful when you do it because a lot of young players don't quite know how to handle success or failure very well.

    For instance, when JO was here and he suddenly became an All-Star, a lot of people here felt like it went to his head and he thought he was a better player than he really was. Eventually, the egos on the team were too much to deal with all together.

    On the flip side, we've seen Roy struggle with confidence and how it affects his game. If you tell Roy that a game is on his shoulders, and we lose, how will he handle that?

    I don't mind putting young players to the fire, I just think you have to know how to deal with the results. Vogel seems to be a guy who will build you up when you fall, and knock you back when you get out of line, so I'd say go for it.
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    Default Re: Force a player to grow?

    I think this strategy would be worth trying. However, it would be worth keeping Granger actively scoring to keep us from losing poorly. I think if we tried giving players the "second option" treatment, but made them feel like they were the focal point, we could walk away with good results, as well as wins.

    I'm obviously in favor of this with Paul. I think he really needs to stand up, step up, and start putting everything he has into every possession. Except for his handling, unfortunately, there is no reason why he can't take guys off the dribble, straight to the rim, and score on them with finesse and ease.

    Also, this isn't absolutely related, but we need to work on our offensive off-ball movement. PG is best utilized as a cutting slasher, as opposed to an isolating ball-handler. However, he just has to take a few developmental steps, get the ball in his hands more often, run plays for him, and he'll start to show that superstar status in no time.
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    Default Re: Force a player to grow?

    I'd love to try this with Hibbert, so he might FINALLY stop being such a wimp.

    If he'd just buck up and demand the ball, he could truly be a force.

    Sadly, I just don't think he has it in him and that really is a shame
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