GM Survey: Which team will win the Eastern Conference?
Detroit Pistons

Indiana Pacers

Miami Heat

TV Analysts: Who will win the East in 2004-05?
Charles Barkley, TNT:
Detroit Pistons
Doug Collins, TNT:
Detroit Pistons
Ernie Johnson, TNT:
Detroit Pistons
Stephen A. Smith, ESPN:
Detroit Pistons Predicts ...'s editors picked how the teams in the Eastern Conference would finish in 2004-05 ...
1.Detroit Pistons
2.Indiana Pacers
3.Miami Heat
4.New York Knicks
5.Philadelphia 76ers
6.Cleveland Cavaliers
7.New Jersey Nets
8.Boston Celtics (tie)
8.Milwaukee Bucks (tie)
10.Orlando Magic
11.Washington Wizards
12.Chicago Bulls
13.Toronto Raptors
14.Atlanta Hawks
15.Charlotte Bobcats