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Thread: Support Paul George For The 2012 Dunk Contest!

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    Default Support Paul George For The 2012 Dunk Contest!

    Hey guys. Word around town is that Paul George has some interest in joining the dunk contest this season. I along with others think he has a great chance at winning.

    With the help of numerous pacers fans here, I'm sure we can create a buzz for him. We just have to work together. Every contribution is welcome, even if it's only minor. Please show your support by ATLEAST liking his official Facebook dunk contest fan page. Try contributing in any way you can! The url is

    If you want to do more, make sure to tweet about it, using hashtag "#LetPGFly", or post on your facebook wall, tell friends about it, etc. This would be a great opportunity for Paul and the Pacers to gain some national attention.

    Let PG Fly!!!!!!

    *Also a side note in case you were wondering, I'm not the owner of that fan page. It's run by a freelance sports photographer named "Cassy Athena". Google her if you like.
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